Workplace Success Coaching for people who want to love their jobs (and don’t).

Let’s look at the facts:  If you work full time, you spend on average of 2080 hours a year at your job. That’s a lot of hours of your life–especially if those hours on the job are not rewarding, fulfilling, or fun. Or if you have aspirations that are not being realized. There may be a number of reasons that your job is not bringing you fulfillment.

  • a number of difficult work relationships are sapping your energy, negatively affecting your self-esteem, or causing you fear and anxiety
  • you feel overworked and don’t know how to dig yourself out of the hole of overwhelm you feel the minute you walk in the door
  • you know you are an above-average worker but so far you haven’t been acknowledged or tapped for the next step up the ladder
  • you just don’t like the work that you’re doing
  • you’re a supervisor or manager but you’re not really sure how to be good at it

As a workplace success coach, I know it doesn’t have to be that way!

As a workplace success coach, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! There are ways to fix the things that are taking the joy out of 2080 hours of your life ( or however many hours you are currently working at your job). Most often the problems you’re facing can be traced back to relationships that are not productive or positive. Many people feel that it’s just the luck of the draw whether you get along with your co-workers and boss. However, I don’t share that belief. I know there are ways to go to work on relationship breakdowns, whether you like the person or not.’ Like’ has very little to do with it. If the person is a significant part of your work life then it’s in your best interests to figure out how to have a productive relationship with him or her.

I can help with that.

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed has become a more common occurrence these days as companies strive to do more with less to cut costs. However, there are ways to work more effectively and efficiently–if you can just get yourself off of the treadmill for a few moments to figure out what they are. Read this post I wrote about what to do if you hate your job. Often the feeling of overwhelm is an assessment that can be re-framed into a belief that serves you better and makes you happier in your job.

I can help with that.

Getting along with your boss and having him or her be your biggest fan adds a lot of fulfillment to your job.( Watch my video: How to Make Your Boss Love You for some strategies.) And not having a good relationship with your boss can make your job much harder than it needs to be. There are ways to intentionally build a relationship with another person.

I can help with that.

Being promoted or otherwise being viewed as a ‘big deal’ at work brings a lot of rewards financially and emotionally. Sometimes people get caught up in the idea that the world around them is supposed to notice their greatness. And when nobody does, they fall into ‘victimhood.’ Click here to get my free (and very good) audio program called Be a Big Deal at Work.

I can help with that.

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