What is the process for setting up coaching with you?

Here’s the path to getting started on coaching:

  1. Contact me to set up a coaching information session to be done over the phone or via Skype. You can find available dates by clicking on the calendar in the right side bar of my web site. If none of the times work for you just email me at ann@nomoredramaatwork.com.
  2. After you schedule your coaching information session, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out so that I can get some information about you and what your starting point is.
  3. After the coaching information session is complete (and provided that we both agree it’s important to go ahead), you will need to purchase whichever coaching package you like.
  4. Once I have received your payment I will send you an email invitation from which you can select your coaching session times.

Then it’s all systems go…we start our adventure together!

Why don’t you offer single coaching sessions?

 I don’t offer single coaching sessions because I have learned over the years that very few people make the changes they would like to in a single session. My coaching style is based on looking at where you want to go and then coming up with some actions for you to try on to get you there. So I follow up with you in the next sessions. (I take very good notes.) Some would call this holding your feet to the fire—I prefer to think of it as loving support. Additionally the type of client I work best with is one who has a real commitment to change. So if you are unable to do more than one coaching session, we’re probably not a good match. If you would like to purchase a package and pay in recurring payments, please contact me at ann@nomoredramaatwork.com for arrangements.

Do you offer free preview sessions before I sign up?

No, I don’t offer a free preview session before we begin. There are some ways you can preview my work and style before you begin coaching with me. I have a number of YouTube videos available. Just search under my name. I also have a blog on my web site which has posts on relevant topics. Additionally I have created a mini-video program called, ‘Be a Big Deal at Work’ which is a free program. Email me if you would like a link for a free copy of that program.