Is Your Mood Making You a PITA at Work?


How’s your mood? The answer to this question is an important one because your mood (sometimes called ‘attitude’ in the workplace) is a strong factor in how well you do at work.

A Negative Mood Can Make You Less Successful at Work

Why is this? Because having a negative mood can make you less successful at work. When you are living in a negative space, you lack the ability to see possibilities for yourself and for the situations and people around you. That can translate to your being a real pain in the tushie to work with—someone who others would rather work around than spend one additional minute in your presence. Also your negative mood can have an effect on your own well-being, taking the joy out of your day to day life.

Some of us blame our mood on the winter weather, others just like to see themselves as victims, and others are just plain lazy, preferring to be cranky over doing some work to change their mood.

Are you in the clutches of a negative mood?

Here are some things to look for:

· You hate getting up in the morning and may find yourself hitting the snooze button far too many times, resulting in your being late to work.

· You think people who look on the bright side of things are just simple-minded Pollyannas, or at the very least highly annoying.

· You’re often at a loss for new and original ideas on how to approach a work problem.

· You can’t come up with any out-of-work activities that seem like fun to you.

· You absolutely dread going to work every day.

· Sunday nights are the worst part of your work week.

Sometimes moods are the result of a clinical situation and that is something that you should look into if that is what’s affecting you. However, most often we just fall into negative moods for a variety of reasons…shit happens, as they say.

However, if you have noticed that you’re in an unproductive mood (and that’s the first important step in the journey) then you are at a decision point. You can choose to wallow around in the mood till you get good and sick of it. Or you can decide to change your it.

Here are some things to try:

· Change your story. If you find you are continually spinning a story in your head about a person or a situation–STOP. Then try coming up with another story that makes you feel better. After all, a story is a story, one is not truer than the other. So pick the one that you like.

· Reward yourself for your small achievements in mood ‘triage.’ When you notice that you’ve made some progress, do something for yourself as a reward.

· Do something for yourself even if you don’t think you ‘deserve’ it. What would you tell your best friend to do in the same situation? Do what you’d tell them to do.

· Fake it till you make it. Yes, I know this is not an original idea; however, it’s probably been around so long because it works! When someone asks you how you are doing, say ‘great’ and smile when you say it. Stop whining and make an effort to see the positive in your work situation. (and home too) Keep doing this until you feel more joy and less negativity.

These are just a few suggestions I have about how to navigate a negative mood. Just remember that you are not a bad person because you’ve fallen into a cranky mood; this happens to the best of us. But do make the effort not to stay stuck in that place, if not for yourself, then for those around you.

I have an entire chapter on mood and morale in the workplace in the book I co-authored with Lee Smedley, Relationships That Work, Work That Matters, available on Amazon.

Just a few more weeks till spring starts to make an appearance. That always helps my mood. Hope it will help yours as well.

For coaching on how to be more successful at work, visit my web site www.

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