Never Work Another Day in Your Life: Ways to Start Thriving in Your 9-5 Job


A lot of us have to work for a living. Brilliant insight, I know. And some of us enjoy it, while some of us—not so much. So if you’re one of the lucky ones who loves every minute of their job—read no further. Or better yet, go ahead and read on and then send the post to a friend who needs it.

Are You ‘Over It’?

If you’re in the category of job dread, job hate, or simply ‘over it,’ then maybe it’s time to stop working. No, no, I’m not telling you to quit your job. I’m simply offering some strategies that can make your work life better.

I did it…

Here’s an example from my own life. I have not worked at a traditional 9-5 job in a company since 2002. However, my last year of working full time was the best year of work I had had up to that point. Why? Because I had a very clear intention that I wanted to stop working. And I expressed it like this: I want to stop working. Original, no?

At that time I was thinking I wanted to start consulting, be my own boss, and help people learn how to survive, no, thrive in a work environment. But I wasn’t there yet. So since I’m a believer in setting intentions (not to be confused with goals), I set the intention that I wanted to stop working.

I stopped working

And even though I continued in my job, I stopped working. How did I do this without getting fired? Rather than continuing to do work that I did not like, I decided to do what I did like. I then built good working relationships with the people who were in a position to give me that work. In my case it was the president of the company, his right-hand director, and the other members of the Senior Team.

I listened to their concerns, came up with some ideas about how to address them, and ta-dah, I was in business doing work (read that ‘play’) that I loved. So I stopped working and started doing a lot of fun playing.

So how does this translate to you?

I realize that everyone doesn’t have the leeway to just pick their work. However, no one of you is powerless. Don’t believe that for a minute.

Here are some things that you might try to stop working and start playing:

1. Figure out what you love to do—what would be play for you. Then look around you in your current position and see how you might get there. It might be developing new relationships, as it was for me. Or it might be investigating applying for another position in your company.

2. Get yourself known for doing the things that you love. Use those skills to help out where you can. Get feedback from those you help to ensure that your help was appreciated, and then continue doing that thing you love. Gradually you’ll set yourself up as a go-to person for that work.

3. Actively ask for and seek out opportunities to do what you love. And if there’s nothing in your present situation that you love to do, it’s probably time to update your resume and start looking around. But before you do that….

4. See #1 on this list. Figure out what you love to do. There’s got to be something—even if you’re lazy as dirt. The world is full of examples of people getting paid for something that comes very easy to them.

5. Last but not least—don’t give up. It’s possible to craft the job you love. If you hold that as a possibility –really believe it—you will find a way. You spend too many hours in your job to hate every minute of it.

What would you like to create that would be play for you? Leave me a comment…

Also, if you’d like some coaching on how to thrive at your job, think about signing up for a one-month coaching program with me. Look under the ‘Work With Me’ tab.

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  1. Claire Bertorelli Pickett says:

    I work with plants and flowers in the spring. This is my love. My problem is that my current job, going on 8 seasons, is only seasonal. I would love my job if it were more year – round.

    • Ann Bertorelli says:

      Yes, I see that you have a problem with Old Man Winter…So unless you’re willing to move to Tahiti or Bora Bora, I guess you have to content yourself with day dreaming about flowers until spring comes… Look on the bright DO have a passion and know what it is. Lots of people don’t…

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