Trust in the Workplace—Build It and Guard It


3780_394912580592380_115401052_nI have been embroiled in a family crisis for the last few months and it has not been a lot of fun. However, I’ve learned or rather re-learned one or two valuable lessons– which is a good thing. When you have to suffer through a difficult time, you may as well get something out of it besides insomnia!

Trust is the bedrock of all successful relationships

That is what is prompting the subject of this post—trust. Trust is the bedrock of all successful relationships. If the trust goes away, it takes something to re-build it and in the meantime, the relationship is rocky at best. And it makes no difference whether the relationship is in your personal life or at work. The principles of building trust in a relationship are the same. And trust in the workplace is essential to getting your job done more successfully and easily. Most of the time when breakdowns happen at work it’s because trust has been broken,on some level. Think of any problem that you are now having at work and I’ll bet that there is a relationship breakdown somewhere in the chain that could be fixed with a good dose of trust-building. [Read more…]

Office Politics: Naughty or Nice?

Navigating Office PoliticsI’ve been thinking a lot about office politics in the past couple of weeks. That’s because I’ve been creating an audio program on the subject. I chose that topic because office politics seems to be a term that strikes fear in the hearts of people who work in an organization. Whenever things go wrong for people in their jobs, they tend to blame it on office politics. And often they’re right.

But rather than blame the politics, I suggest making office politics your friend—at least as much as you can. Then, rather than dreading its effect on you and your career, you could learn to be a positive actor in the politics of your workplace. [Read more…]